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  • Ring parts of various lock rings are processed through roll forming.
  • Processing of stable cross-sectional shapes.
  • Ring circumferences can be set to any size. Size adjustable according to container shape.
  • Short delivery period due to our rapid delivery system.
  • Please feel free to contact us at any time for special requests.

Lock Rings for General Cans

  • We can accommodate a variety of requests, from pail cans to 200L drums.
  • Select from our extensive lineup, including cross-sectional rings and clamps, according to your needs.
  • Our flagship product, the origin of our business.

Lock Rings for Special Cans

  • Palm-sized mini pail lock rings and all stainless steel lock rings.
  • Lock rings for duct developed to respond to our customer needs.
  • We are happy to cater to the needs of any special field.

Press Products

  • All of our press products are produced internally.
  • Others may be shipped as product.