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Message from Jonai Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Our company was founded in February 1965 in the Jonai area of Amagasaki as a specialized manufacturer of lock rings for various cans and drums. The main factory, located in Meishin, was finished in March of 1992. By unifying the two plants used previously, we have been able to improve efficiency with integrated production, which has earned us the trust and high regard of our valued customers.

We are deeply grateful for the years of warm support of our employees, to whom Jonai Works owes each day.

Moving forward, we will deepen our awareness of the responsibility of power supply that we hold, and apply ourselves to the daily devotion needed to meet the needs of our loyal customers. With unswerving commitment to the highest quality and rapid delivery, we will endeavor to develop products that respond to the grave issues of energy and the environment clamoring for attention. We look forward to our customers' support and guidance in our attempts to address the problems affecting all the citizens of our planet.

Jonai Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Shinji Kanai


Business Description

  • Manufacture and sales of lock rings for various cans.
  • Manufacture and sales of segmented lock rings for circular flange couplings.
  • Manufacture and sales of flexible lock rings.

Company Information

Trade Name Jonai Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Shinji Kanai
Company & Main factory 1-5-21 Meishin-cho, Amagasaki City, Hyogo 661-0021 JAPAN
Phone number +81-6-6421-1010
Fax +81-6-6421-6200
Capital ¥30,000,000
Employee 60
Affiliated Company Cosmo technology Separate Co.,Ltd.


February 1965 Jonai Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 39 Minamijonai, Amagasaki
February 1967 Jonai Works was incorporated
October 1970 Relocation to 13-3-3 Nishi-nagasu-cho, Amagasaki
August 1975 Capital increased to ¥10,000,000
May 1980 Hatsushima plant finished at 2-25 Higashi Hatsushima-cho, Amagsaki; began operations
October  1983 Establishment of a separate research and development department: Cosmo technology Separate Co.,Ltd.
December  1986 Koshien Cosmo Building completed
November  1991 Capital increased to ¥30,000,000
March  1992 Hatsushima plant operations transferred to Meishin plant
May  1993 Main plant operations transferred to Meishin plant
January  1994 Nishi-nagasu-cho Cosmo building completed
December  2000 Received ISO 9002 certification (JICQA No. 776).
September  2003 Registration transferred to ISO 9001:2000.
September  2009 Registration transferred to ISO 9001:2008.

Major Clients

ASAHIYOUKI Co.,Ltd. Kobayo Co.,Ltd. SANKO Co.,Ltd.
Chubu Drum Co.,Ltd. KODAMA PLASTICS Co., Ltd. TOKYO DRUM Co.,Ltd.
Fukui-youdaru Co., Ltd. MORISHIMA METAL INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. Usuiyouki Co.,Ltd.
HONSHU RHEEM Co.,Ltd. Nagao Seikansho Co., Ltd. Yamato-shiki Corporation.
JFE CONTAINER Co.,Ltd. NITTO KINZOKU KOGYO CO.,LTD. (In alphabetical order.)

Main Machinery and Equipment

Various Pressing Machines (10 ton - 110 ton) 18
Cold Roll Forming Lines 9
Auto Cassettes Forming Lines (8 Base) 1
Bending Machines 1
Projection Welding Machines 5
Welding Robots 3
Rivet Setters (3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm) 31
Riveting Machines (4mm - 8mm) 4
Automatic Component Assembly Machines 3
Jig Milling Boards 1
Tapping Ball Boards 4
Lathes 1
Wire Electric Discharge Machines 1
Automatic Surface Grinders 1
Molding Grinders 1
Sawing Machines 2
Projectors 1